New RS at this year's Bondexpo

VSE will be at this year's Bondexpo with its further development of the RS screw flow meter. From 10th to 13th October, the manufacturer of flow measurement technology will present the smallest flow meter of the RS series for the first time at the exhibition for adhesive industry.

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RS was expanded with a further size

Three years ago, VSE Volumentechnik GmbH brought the RS Series helical screw flow meters with rotor sensors to the market - for an especially high precision measurement mostly independent of viscosity and with lowest pressure losses. VSE now has expanded its series with a new size (RS 40). A measurement range of 0.04 l/min up to 40 l/min can now be covered with all advantages of the current RS Series.

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RS Series used for high viscous media with filler content for the first time

The manufacturer of flow meters, VSE Volumentechnik, has brought his RS Series to a new level. For the first time, the helical screw sensor was applied for Araldite – an extreme viscous adhesive with 55% aluminium content.

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Suco-VSE now also distributes HBE and Oleotec products

Suco-VSE France, founded in 1999 by the companies SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG and VSE Volumentechnik GmbH as a combined distribution joint venture, now also offers products of the companies HBE Hydraulik-Komponenten and Oleotec. Suco-VSE France therefore not only distributes volume sensors of VSE, pressure switches of Suco, pressure sensors of ESI, gear-, radial piston-, centrifugal- and progressive cavity pumps of Beinlich and permanent magnetic couplings and canisters of DST, but also hydraulic accessories like oil tanks of HBE and test points of Oleotec.

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