A pulse generator for the functional testing of flow meters and incremental sensors

VSE Volumentechnik GmbH from Neuenrade is now offering a mobile testbox which goes under the name “pulse generator TB2" which has been especially designed for the simulation of incremental transmitter signals (A/B quadrature signals). It serves the functional testing and calibration of control units and measuring instruments and is a very useful instrument for the analysing of plant and machine errors.

The new TB2 generation of pulse generators generates digital rectangular waveform signals within an infinitely variable frequency range of 0.1 to 250,000.0 hertz and has a two-channel signal output with a 90-degree A/B phase shifting. This position of the A/B quadrature signal can be reversed at all times in order to simulate a direction.

The user can adjust the incremental output signals via a direct frequency entry. A special menu enables simulation of the flow meter values of VS(I) series volume sensors from VSE . The generation of these flows takes the constructional size, the interpolation factor and the corresponding flow unit into account.

Another menu which is referred to as "Sweep", provides the possibility of sweeping through stipulated frequency ranges in ramps. The phase length is hereby reversed, depending on the set frequency range.

The standard levels of the output signals range between 10 and 28 volts, depending on the supply voltage. In special solutions, these signals are additionally available at the differential outputs A, /A, B, /B (10 to 28 volts symmetrical or as a TTL or RS422 level).

The testbox is in a robust hand-held housing and can be put to flexible use as an incremental rotary encoder or as a flow sensor. The compact dimensions and the low weight enable the device to be placed in a service case. The menu navigation is self-explanatory and user-friendly to the greatest extent. The user can carry out the programming by means of a numerical keypad and thereby track each step on the illuminated display.

The “pulse generator TB2“ is available for immediate delivery.

Published: September, 23 2009