NEW: Cal.flow calibration system

The calibration of flowmeters is a crucial process in many industrial applications. Accuracy and reliability are of the utmost importance. The Cal.flow calibration system from VSE sets new standards in this area.

Cal.flow, in combination with the EasyCal software, offers an advanced solution for the calibration of flowmeters. The system utilises the reference principle by connecting a standard device ("master") and the device under test ("unit under test") in series to ensure identical flow rates. Cal.flow is a compact, portable USB device for calibrating flowmeters with pulse output. Operation is simple and intuitive via the PC software, whereby the entire calibration process is automatically controlled and documented - the result is a detailed PDF calibration report.

This calibration system is particularly advantageous for companies with their own test benches that aim to regularly check their flowmeters. Cal.flow offers flexibility from simple K-factor determination to precise measurement of the input frequency. It is an ideal solution for high-precision flow calibration in various industries. Detailed information and technical specifications can be found here.

Published: January, 10 2024