New test stand at VSE

In order to be able to cover the increasing requirement for calibration and the extended flow ranges of the RS volume sensors, investment has been made in a new test stand at VSE. The new facility has four self-sufficient testing positions with integral reference equipment and covers a range from 0.50 l/min up to 3,000 l/min with viscosities from 10 to 30 cSt. Calibrations are traceable back to national standards.

The test objects themselves are transported via a combined lifting/insertion device into the test cell, are pneumatically clamped and secured within a safe space. The test procedure is computer-supported, runs completely automatically and is secure from manipulation. All recorded data is saved permanently in a database.

Along with VSE products, basically all types of displacement meters as well as measuring turbines can be calibrated.

Published: September, 10 2013