Precisely measure hot adhesives using the innovative Hotmelt System

For customers in the packaging industry wishing to precisely record the consumption of different hot melt adhesives, VSE Volumentechnik GmbH offers the optimum solution: The Hotmelt Measurement System. It is one of many good examples of a new product individually developed to customer requirements.

The development department of the company located in Neuenrade was tasked by a customer to deliver a measurement system which recorded the application of various hot adhesives in different areas of application. The measured data should indicate where there is potential for savings in the various processes in order to optimise the application quantity of the adhesive.

The developer was faced with the challenge of designing a mobile and universal solution in order to be able to intervene in on-going manufacturing processes without impairing the production flow.  Furthermore: The measuring cell needed to be heatable to allow for variable adjustment of the required processing temperatures from 130 to 200 °C and of the viscosity range of the hot melt adhesive from 200 to 2000 mPas.

VSE was able to ideally realise this customer requirement. A 400-watt ring heater was used, which enclosed and heated the measuring cell. The integrated PT 100 sensor records the temperature of the measuring cell. The necessary process temperature is set, as and when required, via the programmable controls in the table housing.

The volume sensor of the VS series for high temperatures, one of the company's bestsellers, records the volume flow of the adhesive and indicates it as through flow, shot or accumulated volume. Analogue signals of the measured values can be further processed externally.

All electrical connections have a simple plug-and-socket connection. Through this, the Hotmelt Measurement System can be supplied as a Plug-and-Play solution. Optionally, digital signal outputs, boundary value functions and a software-based measured data recording system can be integrated.

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Published: August, 15 2012