RS Series used for high viscous media with filler content for the first time

The manufacturer of flow meters, VSE Volumentechnik, has brought his RS Series to a new level. For the first time, the helical screw sensor was applied for Araldite – an extreme viscous adhesive with 55% aluminium content.

The inquiry of a British manufacturer through our distribution partner UK Flowtechnik, initially was a big challenge for VSE. Not only that the combination Araldite® AW 4804 with aluminium content / hardener HW 4804 had to be exactly measured but also that the flow meter for the hardener was applied in a high temperature area (210°C).

So the task was to design the flow meter for viscosities of 300,000 up to 1,000,000. It was crucial that the ratio of resin to hardener was accurately controlled, as in the worst case a misbalance of these two components could lead to rejects.

In order to achieve the goals, VSE used its RS helical screw sensor in the biggest size. The medium, in this case the Araldite, is transported gently by the rotor profiles, so no loss is being caused and even media with high filler content can be transported and measured without friction. The advantages of the RS Series especially are the low pressure losses and the simultaneously high precision and resolution for the control system.

The RS helical screw sensor is equipped with innovative interpolation electronics which increases the resolution by up to 128 times, giving a high output frequency, allowing a greater degree of control and faster response time to changes in flow rate.

Published: December, 18 2015