The viscous power of polymers: How flow metering technology is revolutionizing metering

In the fascinating world of the chemical industry, polymers, popularly known as rubber, are indispensable. But handling them poses a real challenge for the machines that process them. Dosing in particular requires the highest precision and reliability. For an existing customer, the Neuenrad-based company VSE Volumentechnik GmbH has supplied its RS 2500 screw meter in the high-temperature version. The volume sensor is used for filling polymer into ingots.

One of the challenges in polymer metering is the extremely high viscosity, which in the application was an impressive 20 million mPas, with an initial viscosity of up to 40 million mPas and an operating temperature of 120°C. Such a viscosity is comparable to pressing a rubber ball through a flow meter. The search for a suitable measuring technique for this dynamic process had previously proved difficult for the customer.

In addition, a weighing system is used in the machine, which is very sensitive to vibrations that can lead to incorrect measurement results. Since this is a huge production plant, vibrations cannot be avoided.

With the RS 2500, VSE was able to provide an efficient solution for these demanding requirements. The robust design of the volumetric sensor favors an application in the chemical industry, especially for the measurement of highly viscous media. The screw-type meter meets a high flow rate of 4.5 kg/min at a density of 0.98. At the same time, the RS series delivers proven precise results, even in the presence of vibrations during the running process.

In addition to the RS 2500, RS 400 and several pumps are already in use at this customer. The end products include, for example, cable insulation, current insulators, baking molds, hoses, pacifiers, and shower head components.

Published: August, 09 2023