VS 10 - new flowmeter model

VSE will introduce the new VS flowmeter size, VS 10, for the first time at the 2005 Hannover Fair.

The new flowmeter model has a measuring range from 3,5 l/min. up to 525 l/min. with extremly low pressure drop and noise levels.

The maximum permissible operating pressure is 350 bar (420 bar unit in preparation), maximum fluid temperature 120 degrees C.

With these operating conditions, VSE has broken into a new flow range which, to date, has not been the preserve of gear type flowmeters.

Not only the markedly higher measuring range characterises this new developement, but also some other seriously novel features. The flowmeter is now available with adjustable bearings which can be individually matched to specific application.
Besides this, after a period of running time, the bearing clearances can be tightened, necessitating a bearing exchange only after many thousands of operating hours. The advantage of this, on large flowmeters, should not be underestimated in terms of service and costs.

For the first time, for this size unit, VSE has developed a new GMR pick-up which will, in time, be introduced to all the other VS sizes.

By means of relocating the pick-up system into the gear wheel, the K-factor has been increased to 1200 pulses/litre even though the unit measuring chamber is 10 cc.
For a flowmeter of this size, up to now, an unachievable value.

Published: February, 07 2005