In addition to the proven product series for flow measurement, VSE also offers a comprehensive range of accessories such as mounting, heating and insulation elements, connection blocks, couplings for pressure monitoring and transport systems for flow meters. Available for all models in the  VS / VSI and RS series.

Transport / storage
VSE offers a range of transport cases for safe transportation of flow meters and evaluation devices. The flow meters can be stored in a separate box within the case to avoid contamination of the evaluation electronics with any associated media leaks.

Fastening elements
For simple installation, additional fastening elements (e.g. fixing brackets) are available from stock for VSE flow meters. These ensure secure mounting and operation.

Heating and insulation
Heating and insulation materials are available for all models in the VSI series. Custom solutions are available on request.

Pressure monitoring
VSE also supplies hoses, connectors and couplings of the Oleotec MCS® series (Mini Control System) for pressure monitoring in hydraulic systems.