NEW - calibration system

The portable calibration system Cal.flow enables high-precision flow calibrations according to the reference principle.

The Cal.flow calibration system is used in conjunction with the EasyCal PC software to calibrate VSE flow meters with high precision. Cal.flow is a compact USB device which, in conjunction with a PC, is perfect for calibrating flowmeters with pulse output.

All that is required is a hydraulic test setup (see illustration) in which a reference device (also known as a "master") and a test flowmeter are subjected to flow in series. The flow rate in both devices is therefore identical and the resulting frequency values are compared with each other - this is called the reference principle.

Cal.flow takes over the power supply and records the signals from both flow meters and then precisely determines the specific K-factor of the device to be tested. The calibration process is appropriately configured through the PC software EasyCal, depending on the requirements, and guides the user through the procedure. As a result, a PDF calibration protocol is generated that clearly displays the results.

In contrast to the previous "calibration box" system, Cal.flow achieves a significantly higher measurement accuracy by using the ratio counting method. The system is particularly interesting for users with in-house test benches who want to carry out regular checks of their flowmeters. From the classic determination of the K-factor to the independent measurement of the input frequency, everything is possible with this system.

For diagnostic and maintenance purposes a visualisation of dynamic flow rates or analogue sensor data can often be helpful. Please take a look at our Log.flow data logging tool.

Technical highlights

  • Perfect for manually controlled test benches
  • Reference principle with calibrated master flow meter
  • Highly accurate measurement results thanks to ratio counting method
  • Guided calibration procedure with live display of both flow rates
  • Adjustable measurement parameters - e.g:
    • Number of measuring points and cycles
    • Measuring volume/number of pulses with optional time limit
    • Specification of calibration flow rates
    • Up to 24 master linearisation points
  • Automatic calculation of accuracy and reproducibility
  • Generation of a PDF measurement report
  • Compact design
  • Easy operation