NEW - data logging system

A versatile tool for flow measurement technology - the portable data logging system Log.flow enables PC-based recording of various sensor parameters.

Did you ever wonder what is actually happening inside your fluid system? Do you have flow and pressure spikes that you want to analyze in detail?

Together with VSE's highly dynamic gear- and screwtype flowmeters, those fast flow phenomena can be easily detected and measured. Just use the included T-connectors to tap into your flowmeters to view and record the whole process.

The Log.flow data logging system consists of a compact USB device and the associated EasyGraph PC software, which is used to visualise and record the measurement data.

Both the analysis of highly dynamic processes with sampling rates of up to 1000 Hz and long-term recordings over several hours are possible with the system. Depending on the selected configuration, different types of sensor data can be recorded. In the standard version, the number of pulses and frequency of up to two quadrature sensors are recorded simultaneously - with a measurement uncertainty of ≤0.005 %. Alternatively, Log.flowI and Log.flowV can be used to connect industrial analogue signals (current/voltage) to the second channel, e.g. to simultaneously record flow and pressure curves.

Log.flow is particularly suitable for simple diagnostics and analyses in the field. In contrast to conventional diagnostic tools, Log.flow is compact and user-friendly, allowing measurements to be carried out at short notice.

Technical highlights

  • Perfect for spontaneous diagnostics and analyses
  • High-precision frequency measurement and pulse counting
  • GPU-accelerated live plots
  • Adjustable sampling rate (1-1000 Hz) and filter stages
  • Calculation functions for scaling the input values
  • Data recording with trigger function
  • Import/export of recorded data
  • Quick creation of Excel/PDF reports for documentation purposes
  • version: 2x pulse input
  • version: 1x pulse input, 1x analogue voltage input (0..10V)
  • version: 1x pulse input, 1x analogue current input (0/4..20 mA)