New Pick Up System and Optional Preamplifier for VSE Flow Meter Series VS

Since June 2006 all VSE Flow Meters of the VS Series are provided with a new GMR pickup system which replaces the differential field coils.

The advantage of the new system is the standardised power supply from 10 to 28 VDC for all types as well as the extended temperature range from - 40°C to 120°C.

Parallel to the new pickup system VSE has developed a new preamplifier. The VSI preamplifier is available as an option for all VS sizes which are equipped with the new GMR pickup system. The VSI preamplifier supplies digital signals with a higher resolution of the measured value. The resolution can be programmed between 4 and 64 angle steps and it enables a frequency multiplication up to factor 16. The K-factor of the flow meter can be increased up to factor 64.

With a high resolution, changes in flow can be measured much faster and more precisely. The readout receives more information about the current status of the flow, with better and faster analogue output. Even with smallest volumes, exact measurement, control and dosage are ensured. The new VSI preamplifier allows the usage of big size flow meters for applications with high viscous liquids at low flow rates.

Published: March, 18 2006