VSE flow meters for tunnelling - cooperation with Swissloop Tunneling

A research team of students from ETH Zurich is dedicated to making SpaceX's Hyperloop concept a reality and paving the way for fast and safe transport with their Swissloop Tunneling project. VSE is supporting this project as a partner and has supplied two RS flow meters to the team.

As part of the Not-A-Boring competition initiated by Elon Musk, the students are developing a robot to enable fast and economical tunnel boring. The goal of this competition is to build the fastest tunnel boring robot in the world. The new development is intended to revolutionise tunnel construction and turn the Hyperloop concept into reality.

For the measurement and dosing of the 2-component adhesives used in this research project, we have supplied two flow meters of our RS 400 series. They are to be used to create a self-supporting tunnel lining during drilling. The medium used, methacrylate adhesive, is very difficult to process due to its high viscosity and high shear sensitivity.

The supplied flow meters of our RS 400 series are designed with adapted materials so that they are ideally suited for this demanding application. Low pressure losses and minimal shear are the distinguishing features of the RS flow meters.

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Published: July, 15 2021