VS 0.1E as Sleeve Bearing Version

From April 2007, the VS 0.1 type flow meter will be available with a hard metal sleeve bearing. As a result of numerous enquires and projects in the 2K sector for highly viscous and abrasive media with low outflow performance, initially the stainless steel version of the VS 0.1 will be furnished with an optional sleeve bearing.

New Accessories for VS Flow Meters

With immediate effect, VSE offers shut-off intermediate members for VS flow meters. The sandwich plates are screwed in-between the subplate and the flow meter.

New Pick Up System and Optional Preamplifier for VSE Flow Meter Series VS

Since June 2006 all VSE Flow Meters of the VS Series are provided with a new GMR pickup system which replaces the differential field coils.

VS 10 - new flowmeter model

VSE will introduce the new VS flowmeter size, VS 10, for the first time at the 2005 Hannover Fair.