On this page, we provide you with various software solutions for evaluation, calibration or parameterization in addition to our products.

You will find the latest update for each software offered here.

VSE EasyGraph

Data logging software for log.flow and other VSE evaluation electronics. Live data visualization and recording of up to four input channels. Requires a Windows 10 PC with an integrated graphics card.

VSE EasyGraph Login
Version: 2.1.0 79.3 MB

VSE EasyCal

Companion app for the software-supported cal.flow calibration system.

Highly accurate calibration using the reference principle with a master and a test flowmeter. Ideal for manually controlled test benches. Creates a calibration report in PDF format as a result.

The program runs on Windows 10 or higher and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher.

VSE EasyCal Login
Version: 2.2.6 18.5 MB

VSE IO.flow® IO Device Description (IODD)

The IODD is a device description file and is used for commissioning and parameterisation of the IO.flow® Converter in the process control software. It contains information about the parameters and the structure of the process data.

VSE IO.flow IODD Download
Version: 29.08.2023 108.0 KB

VSE EasyLoader software

In the new version v6.0, the user interface of EasyLoader has been completely redesigned and the robustness of the communication interface has been improved. A complete documentation of the software and the evaluation devices (e.g. connection diagrams / operating instructions) are integrated for quick and easy access.

The minimum requirement of the software are Windows 7 and the installation of .NET Framework v4.7.2 or higher. The software is currently only available in English.

VSE EasyLoader Download
Version: 6.0.6 11.6 MB

VSE EasyLoader v5

The legacy version of EasyLoader enables the user to quickly and conveniently parameterize the A341-28, A350-28, FU210-28 and FU252-28 evaluation units. The software is designed for VSE's flowmeters and handles the calculation of the register values.

VSE EasyLoader V5 Download
Version: 5.9f 3.3 MB

OS 10.0 User Software

General software for parametrization of the A341-28, A350-28, FU210-28 and FU252-28 evaluation units. The software can be used to change the device-specific register values and transfer data sets (xml-Files).

The software requirements are Windows 8.1 or higher and an installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Please note: OS 10.0 replaces the previously used PC software OS 6.0. Administrator rights are required for installation.

OS 10.0 Download
Version: 81.2 MB